• Durations

    5Days 4Nights

  • Location

    West Papua

The Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia, at the center of Southeast Asia’s famed Coral Triangle.

Start your new life chapter together with an exciting trip to paradise. Soak up the natural and serene environment all around in this natural Island escape.Raja Ampat is famous for its coral Islands and the most famous being Pianemo. The water surrounding these islands is clear blue and the perfect temperature. All of the islands as they are still in there raw, untampered state which is nice to see. The quantity and variety of marine life here is so great that scientists have described this area as a biological hotspot and believe that the reef systems here act to restock reefs throughout the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Papua Paradise Resort lies along the pristine shoreline of the uninhabited island of Birie, Raja Ampat. The island is teeming with exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and a spectacular array of fauna, while the reefs in the surrounding area offer world class diving.

Raja Ampat famous for its beautiful nature and suitable for a romantic honeymoon.

Experience once in a life time, being only you in a wonderful empty island that has cristal shallow flat beach. in Raja Ampat archipelago, we recommend you to undergo the only few people on earth can experience. This especially fits for honeymooners (bulan madu), where you and your partner or special one will enjoy the 100% privacy.

We would drop and leave you alone the whole day or night  in the island, of course  we would provide you with full logistic including tent, to ensure your comfort. in a nutshell, what can be more privacy than being in a private island. For you to know, that is in Raja Ampat area, the best and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.


Sorong – Waisai – Ressort (B)

Arriving at Sorong then we will go to Waisai, which is the capital of Raja Ampat district. We will go around, visit the  “welcome” monument of Raja Ampat and the government meeting building which is “Pari Building” and “WTC Beach”. Then Continue to the Resort to spend the night.


Full day snorkeling at Wayag (B,L,D)

Early in the morning after breakfast we will go directly to Wayag icon Raja Ampat. You will be invited to meet with CI post officer ( International Conservation ) to get an explanation and discuss before continuing the trek up the karts hill. In Wayag Islands you will see the views of the Wayag Islands are very exotic and unique and amazing.
And snorkeling at Wayag, express yourself with the camera … because we spend all day by snorkeling and swimming on this beautiful island.


Teluk Kabui – Hidden bay – Arborek (B,L,D)

After breakfast our journey begins to Kabui Bay and Hidden Bay continues to the tourist village in Arborek, you will see clear blue sea water making colorful sea fish and beautiful corals will look very clear. The beach in Arborek is also very beautiful, with fine white sand that stretches along the coast to the pages of its inhabitants. The people in Arborek are also very friendly, besides that they are famous for their skill in making handicrafts made by the people of Arborek. In Arborek there is a Manta point, which is a dive point where we can find Manta Ray or Manta rays which is also one of the icons of Raja Ampat


Yenbeser – Sorong (B,L)

Early in the morning participants will visit Yenbeser / Sapokren to be able to see the agility of the bird of paradise, the bird that is the mascot of Papua, in its natural habitat. During the trip you can also see the sunrise in Raja Ampat. In the afternoon we return to Sorong and Check in Hotel followed by souvenir hunting and Culinary tours in Sorong.


Sorong – Transfer Out (B)

Early in the morning after breakfast you will be escorted to the airport and return to the destination.